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Chickpea Avocado Sandwich

This vegan chickpea and avocado sandwich is packed with protein and full of cilantro, celery, basil, green onion, lime and more! The perfect lunch recipe! #chickpeaavocadosandwich #veganchickpeasalad #veganchickp Source by beplantwell


Easy Chicken Salad Recipe

Easy chicken salad recipe with grapes. Everyone loves this crazy good chicken salad! This healthy chicken salad sandwich is made with Greek yogurt for a lighter lunch. A simple take on classic chicken salad that you can make ahead. #chickensalad #chicken #lunch Source by kristinekitchen


Chicken Roll Ups ?

Tired of the same old lunch every day? If you are getting bored with the same old lunch fare day after day. Try some of these incredible homemade lunches. These lunches are delicious and nutritious. Easy to make and take to work or just to have for an peaceful lunch at home, you will love …